Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boy pups playing in the yard

It got up to 50 degrees today so the kids loaded up the pups and took them outside to play.
Everyone had fun playing chase and playing with sticks.

Remember our two black males and yellow male are still available to loving homes!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our 2010 litter is now up for sale

This is our 2010 litter out of

Kirkland's East Hill Realtree Roadtrips CGC (Miles) and Kirkland's Quack Attack CGC (Quackers) You can view them under our labrador boys and girls page.

This litter was born on November 28, 2009. They have been dewormed 3 times and have had their first shot. We socialize them with our other dogs, our children, and any guests who visit our home. They were born in our house were they spent the first 4 weeks of life before climbing out of their pen and graduating to a larger area in our garage. They come into the house daily for play time. They also have supervised play time outside and love running in and eating the recent snow. This is a beautiful litter with both parents having excellent british champion show lines and both parents have their Canine Good Citizen titles and at one time were both certified therapy dogs. Both parents have OFA normal elbows and OFA good hips. We allow our pups to go to their new homes after they turn 7 weeks old, which will be on January 16, 2010. For further questions or to set up an appointment to view our puppies please contact us at 937-446-4307 or visit our face book page at Kirkland Acres Labradors.

Black Male #1 Sold

Black Male #2 sold
Yellow Male #2 Sold

Black Female

Yellow Male #1 Sold

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to De-Stuff a Chicken


As I was eating my lunch today Bumpers was off playing with her ball. It has the face of a rooster on it and at one time it used to make a cock-a-doodle-doo noise, but that feature has long since been broken. She was carrying it all over the house. She disappeared for a bit and I went to check on her. What I found was a chicken massacre. She had de-stuffed the poor chicken ball. She looked so innocent afterwards too.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Furry Friends friday-The Goats all Bedded Down for the Snowstorm

Goats were freshly bedded down with straw for yesterday's snow storm.
Blackers' favorite past time is to eat his new bedding. The cold weather had him feeling his oats yesterday, he was rearing up and acting all playful, of course he wouldn't do it for the camera.

This is Faline our spring 2009 baby out of Coco and Blackers.

She like her dad likes to eat the bedding.

I just love her color

This is Coco, our doe. The goats also enjoyed a special treat of alfalfa blocks this morning along with their morning ration of sweet feed and beet pulp.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Part 2 First Snow Day of 2010

Nothing like kids and puppies in the snow.

Okay here is where I found the dogs water bucket, in the middle of the yard! Now I have to hop the fence to fetch it. I am not happy.

Don't they look so innocent. Of course no one will own up to who the culprit is. Maybe if I bribe them with a treat?

As for the state of the roads I haven't seen or heard a snow plow all day. Guess the state cut the funding to clean our little state highway. Hopefully hubby won't encounter roads like this all the way home tonight.

Kids and pups had a ball in the snow while I cleaned out the puppy pen. See the videos below.

The First Snow Day of 2010

The first snow day of 2010. I happen to be off work today so bonus for the kids! That means a day full of playing in the snow hot cocoa and helping mom with farm chores. However their idea of helping and mine are a bit different. First thing they did was take off to the woods to climb the snow covered trees.

(Quackers in the snow)
Bonus day for the labradors too. They LOVE the snow. So I let everyone out in the play yard to enjoy the white stuff. Bonus for me I have have to carry less water buckets when they are out there, and since the outside faucet is frozen today that is great news.

Cami wondering why the younger labs are so excited. I guess after ten years of Ohio winters you just don't get excited anymore.

Miles eating ice that I busted out of the water buckets that the kids in turn threw over the fence to the dogs. They love chomping ice even though it probably isn't the best thing for their teeth.

And what does a lonely beagle get on a snow day. He can't go out in the exercise yard cause he can fit through the fence and get loose and then he runs for a good three hours before I can catch him again. So instead he gets a yummy rawhide to chew and he is quite happy.

Kids had a ball doing one of their dad's favorite past times, throwing snow balls at the dogs. Everyone had a good time till the kids got cold and asked to come in. Their clothes are in the dryer and they are in front of the T.V. warming up. I still have a few chores to finish up outside so I'm sure they will come out with me later. Maybe we'll get some more fun pics. For now though have a great snow day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's Cooking Wednesday

Sorry no picture for this one. I was so hungry when I got home from work I decided I'd wait and take pictures of the left overs, but guess what, no left overs. it was that good.

Fisherman's Stew
Take one onion one celery stalk and one yellow bell pepper, chop, and saute in sauce pan. Add teaspoon of garlic and one teaspoon of cajun seasoning. Add a can of chunked tomatoes, or homemade tomato puree like I did.Add 1 cup water and 1/2 cup white wine. Then add 1/2 lb each of pre cooked chunked shrimp and fish. I used tilapia. Added a little cheese and some crackers and yum yum!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crate Mates

No the girls (Quackers-chocolate & Cami-yellow) do not normally share a crate. This was done for convenience while I was trimming nails on the pooches. They were only in there for about five minutes together max, but don't they look cute. Two little jail birds.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kids & Pups

Chillin' behind the treadmill
Everybody was kung fu fightn'

smothered in love

playing video games with the kids