Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Turning Water In To Wine?

We have had a terrible pool season thus far. Usually by this time of the year we are swimming away daily, and my hair is already fried by the chlorine. This year road trips and work and ball schedules have led us to getting the pool out later than normal. Then I discovered a small army of carpenter ants had set up house in the rolls of the outside of the pool. They ate 2 small holes in it which the hubby patched. We then started to fill the pool, but discovered a large hole, so we drained the pool and patched it up. Started to fill it again and I thought it was leaking. Hubby thought it was from the recent rains we have had, hence the leaves already in the pool. So we drained and looked for a hole. Could not find a hole so we started to fill again. Same thing. So hubby brought home a dye used to detect leaks in ponds. So we turned the pool pink. Couldn't find a leak, but we had to drain out all that pink water. So today I finished suctioning out the last of the pink water and drying out the pool. I am attempting one more fill. If this doesn't work I am giving up and going terrestrial for the rest of the season. dissolving tablets

I even jumped in to facilitate the mixing of the dye. Hubby was sure I'd come out with pink feet, but I did not.

And the water turned to wine, well not really.

Kind of pretty isn't it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here it is!

You asked for it here it is. Pics of me and the Hubby on our wedding day. No snickering folks. Remember this was 15 years ago and big hair and glasses were in style back then.
So here we are June 16, 1995
I loved this dress. It had a heart cut out in the back and all this lovely bead work and it had a super long train.

Me and the Hubby.

Look at that train. Nuf said.

The wedding party.
Our colors were white and green and absolutely nothing else.
Hard colors to plan around, but very elegant in the end.

Happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 years and counting....

Well today is the day. I've officially been married to the hubby for 15 years now. My time flies. I wanted to post a pic of our wedding day, but hubby is sleeping upstairs where the pics are and I haven't the heart to wake him. Our plans are simple, just a nice little dinner when he gets up before he goes off to work. We actually celebrated last weekend with a kid free weekend. We went shopping and out to eat then we ran a couple of times together, then the next day we went to his company ballgame to watch the Reds play. A quiet but super nice weekend. So here's to many more years together. Happy Anniversary to us. Maybe pics some other day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Better News Today

The inside of her ear. Poor thing her ears actually swelled a little.

Sorry the pis aren't very good, that's what happens when you try to shoot a moving target alone.

You can see the redness on the inside of her armpit.

The inside of her thigh.

Her belly.

Bumpers was actually worse today. She did keep her dinner down last night, but this morning her breakfast complete with her antibiotic pills came up. Her face was starting to turn that reddish color of the rest of her skin and it was swelling slightly like her ears , which made her poor little eyes water. She was happy and perky, but just not quite herself. Good news was her labwork looked very normal, so no horrific diseases like auto immune disease or bleeding disorders. So what is it. We determined that in fact maybe tit wasn't blood beneath her skin but maybe a very odd pigmented rash, so our best assumption is an allergic reaction to something, time will tell if she responds to therapy. What? Who knows. We'll probably never know. Let's just hope it never comes back. So today she received benedryl injections and an injection of a very large dose of steroids. Tomorrow she'll start on oral steroids. Not my favorite drug but if it works I'll take it. Just glad we didn't get heartbreaking news today. I'll keep you all posted on her treatment and if it's working.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What an awful birthday present

My baby girl turned 2 on Tuesday, but she's been sick since Sunday. At first I didn't think much of it. My dogs randomly vomit or get diarrhea from time to time. By Monday evening she was still vomiting so I was starting to worry she may have ate something that was stuck, maybe a rawhide since that was the only thing missing. She didn't vomit over night on Monday so I decided to give her another day to see how it went. She vomited again late afternoon while I was at work. That evening there was some blood in her stool and the stool looked odd in color. So off to the vet Wednesday morning to xray that belly. In the car I noticed the inside of her leg looked red. When I got to work we xrayed her and since it was dark in there we didn't pay much notice to the leg. At lunch I took her out to pee after she vomited some water with blood in it, and noticed her ears were red and puffy. It was bruising, meaning she was leaking blood under her skin layer. Not good. By evening her armpits were bruised too. Very perplexing as all her symptoms don't seem to fit one thing. Now we are waiting for labwork which should be back tomorrow. So I'll update you all then, but meanwhile we have started something to help with the vomiting and an antibiotic.

Monday, June 7, 2010

My little graduate!

My little boy has graduated kindergarten!
All the kindergarten classes put on a cute musical program and then they got their diplomas.
I can't believe my baby is now a first grader.
Where does the time go....
The graduation party!

His big present a rabbit and cage to keep in his room, just like his sisters.

My boy and his cake.

His cake diploma his birth photo and his kindergarten picture.
My how he has grown!

A close up of the cake.
Congrats to my little boy.
I'm oh so proud!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last week our son had an ear infection and strep throat. The Dr. put him on two different antibiotics. & days into his treatment he broke out from his ears to his toes in hives. A reaction to one of the medications. So now we have to start all over with another antibiotic and lots of benadryl for those itchy hives. Dr. said it would take several days for them to go away.

Memorial Day 2010