Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Review

Wow I can't believe 2009 is coming to a close. It seems like yesterday the year just started. Further more it seems like Y2K was just a short time ago also, but apparently it's been a whole decade.

2009 was a great year for us in most respects. Lots of changes and lots of things conquered. January 2009 started with a dog fight and some amazing shopping and hubby finally hanging my light fixture. Then came puppies. I started running in January and even completed my resolution of running a 5K marathon. I celebrated my one year anniversary of being fit and keeping the weight off. We saw our beloved rock band not once but twice this year. My baby started kindergarten and is now reading. My oldest is doing multpication and passing her state exams with flying colors. We added my daughter's new beagle to the family. We survived not one but two lengthy hospital stays with family members. My aunt came to visit. We had a beautiful new baby goat born on the farm. My son started basketball and baseball and my daughter did cheerleading and gymnastics. Stryker passed all of his breeding clearances. There were big staffing changes at work. We had an awesome holiday celebration with both families. There really is just too many good things to mention. 2009 was very good to us. I hope 2010 will be the same. However we are starting the year off again with an ill dog, that seems to be a trend for us. It has happened the last 3 years. Hopefully this one will turn out ok like last year.
So last year I shared my resolution of my 5K with you all, and I completed it thanks to all of you, since you all knew about it, you would also know if I didn't hold up my end of the bargain. So thanks for the incentive. This year it was tough to came up with a good resolution. I actually made several this year, and some of them are going to be tough for me to carry out so I need you all to push me to make sure I'm getting the job done.
First off is to get back on track with my exercising. I have been off and on lately due to being sick off and on. So I need to get back on it and get committed. I actually started today with a short 1.6 mile run. I felt slow however and fear I'll feel it tomorrow, cause I've been off of it for a couple weeks. I definitely would love to do another race, but not sure my new work schedule will allow it, so we'll just have to see. My races may have to be ran here at home with just me and hubby, but that's ok miles are miles. Secondly I want to spend more time training my dogs. I would love to show my pup this year if I can get her ready and maybe get a CGC title on her and my other male. I would love love love to do some therapy work with Quackers, but time is an issue. I had her certified once, but time didn't allow us to visit much and I let the certificate go. I would love to re certify her and maybe do a reading program with her. These goals with my dogs will be the hardest of all to conquer cause it takes a huge time commitment. I know I need to do it, but its hard to fit it in. So guys help me stay up late, get up early, brave the cold etc. to get these doggies trained up for their prospective jobs. Thirdly I have one other resolution that is a huge secret till it is finished, but it's a good one trust me. I hope I can pull it off. Wish I could tell you all, but I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet. Just wish me luck in getting it completed, cause again it is another huge time commitment.
Happy New Years to all and I can't wait to read about your resolutions.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

The last two days have been rough to say the least. I have had a bad head cold which has left me feeling tired and my ears are so clogged up it sounds like everyone is talking through a tunnel. First off on Monday I was in a room with a client, their dog had a skin infection on its paws. I was going over the treatment plan and asked if the owner had anymore questions. The Mr said I'm just really worried about his paws. I swore he said balls instead. Now we get all sorts of names for body parts you see. I hadn't heard him complain about the skin in that area, but sometimes owners forget to mention things and bring them up at random times. I replied You're worried about his balls. The man went along and said yeah they're so inflamed. The Mrs. spoke up and said no his paws! I realized what I had done and tried to stay calm and finish discussing the situation with the PAWS, though I'm sure my face was a million shades of red.
Last night was hubby's work Christmas party. It was a really great time with amazing food. I didn't want to go cause I felt awful and they all usually get so drunk and stupid I can't stand them. But they weren't too bad last night. However It was insanely hard for this country girl to make conversation with some of these city folk. My belief systems are different and I just don't get their jokes and they don't get mine, sometimes it seems a bit awkward. There were some new staff this year whom I hadn't met yet. Upon walking to our table a quite large lady about ran my hubby over, heaven forbid she had to share the walkway. I made a comment like watch out she'll run you over babe. He politely told me she was the girlfriend of the new driver standing behind us. Oops. Then when we were leaving there were hugs all around to the powers that be for a great year. Somehow I wound up accidentally hitting the general manager in the face with my hand, knocking his glasses almost off his face. I was mortified. Guess there won't be a raise this year cause he'll need the money to buy new glasses. I am truly socially inept and need to stay home on the farm were I belong.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Christmas Rockers

Last Christmas I got hubby a guitar, and he's been taking lessons for the past year. He really is starting to sound good.
This year Santa brought the kids kid sized versions of dad's guitar, complete with amps, picks, stands, and everything needed to be a rock star.

Not sure amps were a good idea Santa. They are louder than I thought.

Here are my boys rocking out.

Christmas day

(playing board games with the kids)
Christams day is a day filled with rituals from my childhood, nothing extra special, but just wouldn't be Christmas to me if things played out any differently. Christmas used to be held at my mom's house till we moved into our new house 5 years ago. Since then we have had Christmas here, since I wanted my kids to have the same Christmas memories of our house that I have of my mom's. My mom and brother come down the night before after the kids are fast asleep and spend the night so they are here when the kids wake up to open gifts.
Here is how it plays out. the kids get up and we do Santa stuff. While the kids play with that we adults eat and those of us who drink coffee get our fix. Then the kids open their gifts from Grandma and Uncle. Since they are the only kids in the family they get way more than any kid ever should. Then we unpack a few gifts to keep them busy while the adults take turns opening gifts. When we are done we are off to feed the farm critters, then back in to fix lunch. The menu is the same every year since I can remember. Turkey,gravy,mashed potatoes, sage dressing, oyster dressing, a veggie, and some rolls. Then we lay around like ticks unpacking toys and playing with the kids. Sometimes we get dressed sometimes we don't, but it's never till after lunch. We have dessert mid afternoon, always pumpkin pie, then a small dinner of leftovers in the evening even though none of us are hungry. Then the family goes home and the kids are tucked back in bed, and two exhausted parents reflect on the couch about another great holiday. It is my favorite day of the whole year!
(Me and Mom making Christmas dinner)

Christmas Eve

My kids must have been very good this year cause look at all the goodies Santa brought them.
Getting ready for Santa Claus. After reading The Night Before Christmas and other holiday classics we poured Santa a glass of chocolate milk, left some chocolate chip cookies, and some carrots for the reindeer and left them by the fireplace with our stockings. They we got tucked into bed until 3 am when I found both kids up playing their DS games in their rooms. After tucking them back in they slept till 7 am. That is a new record for them. usually we are lucky if they make it til 6 am.

We spent Christmas Eve day at my mother-in-law's house. We had a great time eating opening gifts and catching up on family news. This is hubby and his mom.

My mother-in-law and her mother, who we call Mimi.

My kids in front of Grandma's tree.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dognapping on the Rise: How to Keep Your Pets Safe - ABC News

Dognapping on the Rise: How to Keep Your Pets Safe - ABC News

Doggy Thieves

Dog napping is all to common. Dogs are stolen from hitching posts outside of stores, out of cars, even out of your backyard. Really no where is completely safe. I got a kick out of reading people's solutions in the comment section on line. Folks scolding others for taking their dogs with them and leaving them in the car etc the list goes on and on.

Being the dog lover I am I love to let the dogs ride along with me, though with kids the trips are less frequent than they used to be. Our before kids dogs went absolutely everywhere with me. I have left them in the car while I ran into the store or post office for a second. I am fully aware of how fast a car can heat up, but with our chilly winters here it's not much of a problem and I don't take them with me in the summer time. My doggies also always travel in a crate or seat belt for safety. My biggest pet peeve is dogs loose in the back of pick up trucks, but that's another story. I love taking my dogs with me and they like going, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I do try my best to keep them safe with microchips and locking my doors. The problem with microchips is most owners don't register them so it is impossible to track down the owner. Sometimes the chips are hard for scanners to pick up and it takes multiple passes to detect them, will busy vets and shelter workers take that much time. And do vets risk offending new dog owners by scanning their newly adopted pets? Really most thieves aren't going to admit it's a stray or stolen, they'll say they adopted or bought it. Even if it is chipped and we scan it do we call the companies to see if it's legit. Most people would be highly offended and find a new vet. Also chips can be cut out by the really nasty thieves.

Some people stated dogs should be allowed in all public places so owners didn't have to leave them. Though I think it would be cool to take my dogs shopping with me it really isn't practical. What about those who dislike dogs or are allergic, they have the right to shop pet free. Also dogs and food places could turn into very unsanitary places quickly. Really your golden is cute, but I don't want to find his hair on my food. Also it is great to socialize the dogs, but I think there would be many more bad situations than good ones. Last year I had an owner whose beloved little dog died in her arms. We tried to revive it, but were unsuccessful. She had been walking on a nature trail approved for leashed dogs. She met a man with an unruly larger dog. He couldn't control him and a deadly attack ensued. I see many more of these nightmare situations occurring. Or worse yet innocent kids wandering up to pet the puppy getting bit.

Really I don't believe there is a right answer. I think all we can do is educate ourselves and use common sense to protect our pooches.

What happens to these stolen doggies. Most go into bad situations, like breeding rings, or bait for dog fights, or simply just being resold for cash. It is sad to have to worry about our dogs being stolen, but it is a harsh truth, and we just have to protect them like we do our kids. I don't think it is fair to lock them up in our homes and never let them out, but I don't think they should be allowed access to all that human life has to offer. There are boundaries but we can still enjoy a full life with our pooches with some safety precautions. Being aware, tags, microchips, and tattoos are a good place to start.

stolen bulldog

Prized Bulldog Stolen from Santa Ana Yard

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

It all started with some minor chores that I wanted to complete before Christmas. Like touching up the paint in the doorways of our house. With dogs and kids the walls take alot of abuse. there were a few paint chips so I decided to touch them up. Then I got to looking around at all the places that I had not painted since we moved in 5 years ago. The flat white paint was scuffed and dirty. Those areas needed attention badly. I had put them off cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them. I still wasn't sure but decided I had to choose or risk living in a partially decorated house forever. So I sat down with catalogs and decided to pick something. I bounced all kinds of ideas off of hubby. He was patient and listened to my ramblings. We finally talked it all out and settled on what to do. I spent all last Tuesday afternoon shopping for the paint and other items I needed. Now the real challenge to put it all together by Christmas. why christmas. I don't know. My mom and brother are going to be our only guests and they've seem my house a million times, but I want it to be beautiful and finished for the holidays anyway. So for 4 days straight I spent every hour that I had off from work painting. Staying up late and getting up early to get it all done.
Here is my laundry room before
More before

Here is my laundry room after

I now want to stay in this room all the time. What fun laundry days will be now.

Painted the stairway part way up a chocolate brown to cover up little finger marks. Also touched up the flat white in this area. I would love to paint all the way up but I can't reach it without professional painters.

My daughters new curtains. I still need to sew them I just hung the fabric to get the feel of how it'll look. Also painted all of her walls which I must say were gross., and stenciled the lady bugs on. I hand drew the stencil on transparency paper and cut it out, then painted away.

Here is a lady bug up close. I wanted the imperfect sponged on look.

Next was a grapevine wreath made from grapevines I cut down out of the woods behind my house. I wove them together and tied them up with floral wire. Then I added some fake berries. I still have some things to add to it, but it looks good for now. I need to wait for the snow to melt to collect the rest of the decor.
I have been busy busy busy. Now I still have a little cleaning to finish up, but my house is ready for the holidays, and so am I.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It rained here a few days ago. It was windy so it made the rain kind of sting when it hit. I was dreading walking the girls, but it had to be done. So I suited up then remembered I had bought the dogs a rain coat awhile back to use at dog shows to keep them dry before going in the ring. It somehow always seems to rain at shows when you want the dogs dry and looking their best. Let me state I generally don't like to dress up the dogs unless it serves a functional purpose like dryness or warmth. I dug out the raincoat and decided to give it a try, since I hadn't used it yet. It took both girls a little bit to realize they could go to the bathroom with this thing on, but it really didn't take them as long as I thought. I actually figured I'd have to take it off for them to go, but I did not. Quackers kept shaking like she was wet. Guess she didn't like the feel of it against her skin. I am happy to report both dogs were bone dry except for their feet of course when we came in. Next time I have to dig out the boots, which we also have.

Here is Bumpers all decked out for the foul weather. Complete with reflective stripping that caught the camera's flash.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Deworming

The pups are two weeks old today so they get their first dose of dewormer. This dewormer deworms for rounds and hookworms. Roundworms are the most common type of puppy worm. They occur in at least 90% of baby puppies. they get them from their mothers milk or by migration through the placenta. Most dog carry encysted forms of the parasite that becomes active under stress like being pregnant and giving birth.
The dewormer is dosed based on weight and given slowly by the mouth through a syringe. Puppies generally like the taste. We follow the deworming protocol put forth by the centers for disease control. We deworm at 2,4,6,8,and 10 weeks old then place the pups on a heartworm prevention that also deworms them monthly from then on. Some of these worms can be transmissible to humans, and cause things like blindness etc., so it is important to keep our pets dewormed not only for their health but for ours.

Here is momma watching me closely to make sure I do it all right.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Only In A Farm Girl's Kitchen.....

Only in a farm girl's kitchen will you find inside an oven a pie pan lined with a dish towel and full of baby rabbits.
This morning I bundled up and headed out to feed, while my thermometer read a whopping 18 degrees. I cared for the dogs, the goats, the cat, the birds, then opened up the bunny barn to feed and water them. I knew I was going to have a litter of bunnies this week, so I prepped my fully enclosed dog crate with lots of straw and put mom inside it last week. I had just changed out the straw yesterday so all the bedding was warm and dry. I have been leaving the barn doors shut around the clock to keep it as warm as possible inside in case the bunnies came. I figured with the crate, barn, straw and mom's fur they would be plenty warm. I went over to water her this morning around 6:30 and shone my flash light in to check on her. She was eating a placenta. I quickly backed off so not to disturb her. If upset sometimes rabbits will eat their young. I waited till about 7:40 when it was daylight and ran down to check her. I found four baby bunny popsicles. Two were moving very slowly, one was barely moving, and the last one was not moving at all. and they felt cold. I scooped them up even though mom was grunting and thumping her disapproval. I raced them up the hill to the house and placed them in a lined pie pan and turned my oven on low and popped them inside, with the door open of course. I needed to get them warm fast, but not too fast you see. With in fifteen minutes I had two that were quite active and the third was close. The fourth one I thought might have already been gone when I put them in, but it couldn't hurt to try. He was starting to move slowly. I had to leave for work, but bunny number four was critical. I had to continue to warm him. So I loaded momma rabbit into a smaller straw lined crate and put her in the back seat of my car. My dog had a vet appointment so he was ridding shotgun. I climbed in with a pie pan full of bunnies on my lap. I turned my heat on high and pointed all the vents to my lap. It was quiet a hot ride in after awhile. I had to turn my defrost on four differnt times just to be able to get a small spot to see through the steam on the windows. I'm sure my dog thought I was crazy, but he never tried to reach for a rabbit, such a good dog he is. What a sight we must have all been. When I got to my office I placed a heating disc in with momma bunny and gave her back four happy warm active bunnies. Later when I checked them two had developed frostbite. One on about 1/3 of it's ear. The other on its front foot. It would definitely loose it's toes if not most of it's foot. I never would have dreamed they'd get that cold in the barn in that short amount of time. Later in the day those two passed on, probably a blessing, but still sad. Tonight I have a cage full of mom rabbit and two babies in my kitchen. All look well for now. Let's hope it continues. Thank god for ovens or else I'd lost them all this morning.

Instead of a bun in my oven, it's bunnies.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bathing The Labrador

You would think that bathing a lab would be like bathing any other old dog, and for most people it is. However to properly clean and preserve the coat the way it should be here are a few tips.
Labradors are a fairly clean breed that doesn't require frequent bathing. Most dirt can be brushed from the coat after it is dry, however being farm dogs mine seem to find dirt just about everywhere. Labradors due have a somewhat oily type coat to help make them waterproof. They generally don't have a doggy smell but they do have a distinct labby odor different from other dogs. I generally can't smell it unless I am at an indoor specialty show with about 400 other Labradors, so don't be to concerned with it. Above is Bumpers all ready for her bath.
Here is Bumpers all soaped up. The Labrador coat is one that is supposed to have a bit of a hard feel to it, part of it's water repelling properties. When we bathe them we strip out their natural oils making them less water resistant.

Most folks and groomers just use a regular over the counter dog shampoo and some even use conditioners. Most dogs don't require a conditioner unless they have a skin problem. The regular shampoos strip the oils making the dogs feel soft, which most pet owners prefer. I how ever like to keep the coat as true to form as possible. It also needs this hardness to be competitive in the show ring. There for I use a texturizing shampoo like the one pictured above. I never use conditioners!

This is what I use after the soap is on to get down deep into the coat and work the shampoo in to get the dogs really clean. You can sometimes find these rubber scrubbers in pet catalogs, or you can find them at horse supply stores like TSC.

This is a product a salesman gave me to try and I generally like it, but probably won't spend money to buy it. It is a spray that is sprayed on the wet coat. It binds with the water molecules and helps them be removed easier with towels or blow dryers. I think it does help some.

These are all my supplies ready to go: Shampoo, Quick dry, rubber scrubber, and all importantly the forced air dryer. Mine is dirty from being out in the barn, but it is great for blowing the water out of the coats and also any loose hair. The hair flying around can be messy, but it helps eliminate alot of time brushing and dries the dog fairly well though not completely. I have found my dogs dislike having it used around their ears and feet. A cage dryer would be the next step in getting the dogs completely dry, but I don't have one of those so I finish up with a quick towel off and put them in their crates to finish air drying.

This is Bumpers all blown out.

The most important thing is a good drain catcher to catch all the hair from the bath and the forced air dryer. Ideally I like to bathe the dogs outside with the garden hose to save my drains, but since it is winter I figured a tub bath was in order. I also have a shower head with a hose to reach the dogs well.
Also let it be known as I'm sure you can tell from Bumpers expression my dogs prefer the pond and creek to the tub any day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's Cooking Wednesday

These are my homemade attempt at the store bought version of Chex mix snack bars. My husband loves those bars , but can be quite expensive. So I bought a box of corn chex and played around. Here's what I came up with:

Melt one bag of mini marshmallows in a little butter over medium heat. After marshmallows are melted add in about 1/4 cup of peanut butter. Sorry the amounts are not exact. I am not one to measure much. I usually just pour things in till it looks good, drives my hubby nuts. Also add in 1/4 th to half a cup of chocolate chips. Stir till everything is melted in. Add a handful of peanuts and chex cereal in until there is a just a coating of the marshmallow mixture covering all the pieces. Not sure how much I put in. You want to be sure each piece is coated, but not to sticky. Then pour into a 9X13 greased cake pan. Add some chocolate chips on top and press them into the top of the mixture. Let it cool. I usually cheat and pop mine in the freezer for a bit to set up. Then slice into bars and enjoy!

Big Cats #2

This is another big cat from my office that my husband is in love with. This is Dudley an 18 lb. ragamuffin cat. He is super friendly.

Monday, December 7, 2009

First Taste of Winter

Our first taste of winter came this morning with frozen water buckets all over the farm, and a dusting of snow. While I was out feeding the critters I found the snow flakes pretty and didn't think they would amount to much. As you can see above there was just a dusting, but notice how well it stuck to the concrete, that will be important later.

On the news there were school delays from schools further west than us. We couldn't imagine why they would be delaying school for this sorry amount of snow.

We got our kids on the bus on time. The snow had stopped falling at this point but the roads still had a covering on them. Of course no salt trucks were out yet.

Hubby and I left for work at the same time with me taking the lead and him following behind me in his truck. I absolutely hate driving on slick roads, and do not consider myself a good driver at all, but with front wheel drive and sporting a new set of tires I felt confident this tiny bit of snow would cause no harm, I have driven in much worse. Hubby is in my mind an excellent driver, so I wasn't worried with him at all.

We made it down the first section of snow covered road and came to an intersection. I had the choice of going straight down another back road, which is how I normally go, or turning and taking the state road to the highway. I chose the state road figuring it to be less slick and more well traveled. I turned then hubby turned. All was going well, then I for some reason I looked back in my rear view mirror just in time to see hubby going sideways toward the ditch. He over corrected and the truck (his two wheel drive work truck with no weight in the rear end, not our 4 wheel drive personal truck) spun a 360 away from the ditch, and headed in to the other lane (thank god for no oncoming traffic) and ended up part way in the opposing ditch. I was horrified watching the scene, helpless and sure he was going to crash. I turned into the nearest driveway and took off running to him, good thing I work out right. He was fine, just slightly rattled. The truck was fine. It hit nothing so not even a scratch. However with the wet snow on the grass combined with the steep grade of the ditch he could not get traction to pull out. A call to AAA was in order for a tow truck to pull him the 5 feet he needed to get back on the road. After I was sure he was squared away with help and a salt truck passed by I headed off to work, being a bit more careful and much less confident now. Before I pulled out I grabbed the camera and shot a far off fuzzy shot of him in the ditch, knowing we would laugh later.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kirkland's The Duck Strikes Back


(CH. Hightide Bonaventure Capt'n Jack X Kirkland's Quack Attack CGC)
D.O.B. April 19, 2007

OFA Good/Elbows clear

Stryker is our first home bred puppy that we have kept. We are extremely proud of him. He is the essence of what a labrador should be. His all around structure is amazing as is his temperment. His father has produced 9 champions to date. His father also won the open black class at the Potomac Labrador Specialty, what an honor. Stryker is out of our Quackers you can see her on our labrador girls page. Stryker carries black and chocolate genes. He may also carry Yellow we are unsure at this point in time if he carries the yellow gene. We are priveliged to have him in our breeding program to carry on his mother's genes.

Stryker is available to approved bitches for stud service.


CH Glengary Lubberline Schooner (b)(great grandsire)

CH Bonaventure' Clipper (b) (grandsire)

Breezewoods Glengary Windfall (b) (great granddam)

CH Hightide Bona Venture Capt'n Jack (b) (sire)

Epochs Edward of Bonaventure (c) (great grandsire)

Gregoires Hightide Josie (c) (granddam)

Gregoires Nugget Delight (c)(great grand dam)

Kirkland's The Duck Strikes Back (b)

Epochs Edward of Bonaventure (c) (great grandsire)

Idlebrooke treasure Gem Cutter (grandsire)

Idlebrook Steal Magnolia (b) (great granddam)

Kirkland's Quack Attack CGC (c) (dam)

Apple Blossom TS Gem Stone CGC TDI WC (b) (great grandsire)

Treasursite Gemstome Emerald (c) (granddam)

Treasuresite Masters Jewel (great grandsire)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big Cats

Hubby came to my office yesterday and took me out to lunch. very sweet and nice, even though I ate way too much. Afterward we killed some time at my office looking at some of the boarders. Hubby loves cats and he fell in love with this big lug. Zeus is a maine coon (a breed of cat). His coloring is called shaded silver. He weighs in at a whopping 21lbs 12 ounces. He is big to say the least. He is also a very sweet cat thank goodness cause with his size he would be unmanagable if he were not nice. This is a beautiful cat, but please remember the amount of grooming that goes into keeping one of these kitties mat free is insane. In fact we spend 30 minutes brushin him out today and he is still shedding. However I think hubby would like to have one despite the grooming.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's Cooking Wednesday

My yummy corn and balck bean salsa.
1 quart of home grown corn
1 can of black beans
one onion chopped
one tomato chopped
red pepper flakes to taste
serve over crushed taco shells
top with shredded cheese

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Rock Star

Happy 49th Birthday to Rick "Sav" Savage.
Bass player for Def Leppard

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Week In Review

Let's start with last Sunday, It was my son's 6th birthday and he had a complete blast. I don't think I had ever seen him so excited before. He couldn't wait till guests arrived. He had a ball opening his presents and loved all his gifts. I think he actually played with every single one of them before the day was over. He wasn't much on the cake, he never really is. For some strange reason he doesn't really like cake. He totally didn't get that from me. Can't believe my baby is six. We put up our Christmas tree after the party which is our tradition to put it up on his birthday. Two days later it fell over dumping sticky tree water all over my floor, and breaking several ornaments.

Now on to Wednesday. I hung out all day with the kids since I had the day off work. I was supposed to be on my way to Louisville to watch Def Leppard play for the last time this year, but sadly they cancelled their tour and left me scrambling to find something for hubby for Christmas, since this was our gift to each other. I was dog sitting for a friend for the holiday so after she dropped off her doggies I loaded up the kids and we met hubby at his office, then headed down to the zoo's festival of Lights display. It was beautiful and we had a great time. However before I left I decided to dye my hair. I picked a dark brown since the light brown I used the last time faded back to blonde. I figured dark brown would fade to a medium brown more like my natural color. I was wrong it came out black and I looked like a vampire.

Thursday was good with a quiet Thanksgiving here at home with hubby and the kids. They redecorated the tree. I think the cold air the night before left me feeling a little under the weather though. The only excitement was my son decided to feed my pregnant dog a little Debbie chocolate brownie. Normally that's not enough chocolate to hurt a dog of her size, but since puppies were involved out came the peroxide. After two doses and no vomit for several hours I figured we were safe and took her to bed with us. At 2am she vomited on my carpet. Then again at six. We got smart and stuck her in the laundry room were she continued to vomit about 5 more times. Fun Fun.

On to Saturday I worked while hubby helped his mom pick up her new treadmill and then took off to the woods to hunt. After work I went to the salon to try to get my hair fixed. It is now dark brown. Much better than black, but still not the color I was looking for, but I'll take it. Came home and fixed dinner for the family and then tucked the kids in bed. I was finishing up the dishes when I heard the dog bark from her crate in the garage. She never barks so hubby when out to feed her and take her out. Too late she had peed and pooped in her crate. So not like her, but since we had been busy she hadn't been out in awhile, so he walked her and I fed her and cleaned up the mess. We left her crated and went back inside. She barked again. Ok something is up so we let her in despite the fact she and pee on her. I realized how gross she was and toweled her off, considered putting her in the tub, but decided tomorrow would be a better bath day. So i stuck her in the laundry room. She started scratching at the door. I let her out and discovered she had peep again. I asked hubby if it was just me or did her belly look lower. He agreed. I decided we must be starting labor. I quickly cleaned out the whelping box that hubby had just picked up today and stuck her in it. She promptly jumped in and vomited up her two cups of food. So back to cleaning up messes. Got everything squared away just as she started pushing. She pushed for a good 45 minutes which was starting to concern me since I don't let them strain for more than two hours and we live an hour away from the closest doggie ER. But then she popped out a cute Black puppy. From then on it was smooth sailing and we finished up around 2 am. This morning it is baths and mopping. Everyone is doing great. We have 2 black boys, 1 black girl, and 2 yellow boys. Happy they came early I was expecting them Tuesday or Wednesday and was dreading having to take her to work with me to watch her. Guess Chocolate and peroxide got them jazzed up and ready to come out. Happy Happy Happy. I'll try my best to get pictures up soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Failed Attempts

After I dyed my hair blonde I decided I didn't like it so I've been trying to go back brown. Last time I bought a light brown and it looked great at first but it lightened as weeks went on to a blonde-ish color again. So I bought a dark brown this time thinking it would probably lighten too. Well it looks nothing like the box. It came out darker than any of the photos on the box. In fact its almost black. I am way to old and way to pale to look goth let me tell you. I just finished crying to Chris on the phone. He tried to tell me it's not so bad after I emailed him a pic. I know better though. I hate it with a passion. I'm dreading stepping out of this house with it. My only hope is that it will lighten for now I look completely stupid! Guess that'll teach me to play chemist with my hair.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Clients

It's weird but sometimes impossible not to become attached to some of our clients. Not just the furry pets, but the people who love and care for them at the other end of the leash. There are many of my clients who I have a wonderful relationship with. Today I saw several in fact, but one holds a very special place in my heart. He is an elderly man who I didn't see much at first with his pets, his live in girlfriend always brought them in. She was a hoot, always had a very strong opinion about things, and wasn't afraid to voice it. She was terribly funny, and at the same time terribly sweet. She did loads of volunteer work, going to other countries to lend a helping hand. She was a nurse and had a passion for rescuing old racing greyhounds. She had four of her own and several cats. She also would make the most heavenly coconut macaroons and bring them into the office. She was special. Two years ago she died of lung cancer leaving her boyfriend to care for their many aging pets. He is sweet and kind and a very good friend of mine. Sometimes I think he just needs some one to talk to, so my check ins are usually a bit longer with him. We talk about all sorts of things like his brothers and sisters and places he's going, just chatting about everything. In the past two years he has lost his girlfriend, three of their greyhounds and one of their cats and his mother. He is such a strong man, and I don't know how he keeps a smile on his face, but he does. I have been there for the loss of each one and shared the stories of his girlfriend and mother with him. Today we helped his third dog over the rainbow bridge, I felt so sorry for him. He was upset and being a Saturday the front office was full of others as he checked out all teary eyed with our receptionist. In his state of grief most folks would pay and leave. But as he started out the door he turned and thanked me before he left. Thanked me for putting down his friend. What a wonderful soul. I'm glad he's my friend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't been on here again lately, just unable to think of good things to write about I guess. I've been sick for the last 4 weeks with a waxing and waning cough. I feel crumby for a few days then just when I'm about to break down and go to the doctor I start felling a bit better. Right now I'm on one of the crumby days. Actually had to leave an exam room today cause I couldn't stop coughing. How embarrassing. The most god awful yellow goop is coming from my chest and nose. I really am disgusting. And with this I have a birthday party for my son to plan for Sunday. I have so many things I need to get done before the family descends on the homestead that it's not funny. Should probably be working on them now, but instead I'm parked in front of my trusty computer with a bowl of ice cream fighting the urge to crawl into bed for the night.
Also had some big changes at work recently. two years ago one of our three techs left leaving me and the other one working opposing part time shifts. It was perfect. I could be home with the kids some, get my work fix, and I had someone to fall back on when I needed a day off. Well she has now decided to move on too, leaving me the only tech. I have picked up another part day at work to help out with surgeries. I don't mind and am looking forward to the extra money. However I for see house work being more condensed and harder to get done. I also see any free time I had going by the way side. With both kids in school this year I was finally starting to carve out some me time to catch up on all the things I love, like reading etc. I also started a secret little project that now I'm hoping I can still finish. I also had my winter planned with painting renovations and things. Now I'm going to be hard pressed to fit those in. Such a double edged sword. If only we didn't need money to function in this world. I just count my blessing that I still have a job to go to, for business has been slow, and so many people are out of work.
Also recent strained family relations have led us to a very unconventional Thanksgiving celebration. It's going to be weird staying home this year. Maybe we can start some new traditions though that weren't ever possible before. So in a way I'm looking forward to a quiet intimate turkey day with hubby and the kids, even if venison is the star on the menu and not turkey. Bob and Tom, my pet turkeys will be glad to hear that.
I don't think I had a point tonight just rambling and procrastinating on my to do list. Hopefully I'll still be able to carve out time for everything I love. Until next time. Goodnight.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick Or Treat 2009

Hubby finally convinced me to dress up for Halloween this year. It has been years of nagging that finally made me cave. Here is the beginning of the preparation.
It takes alot of time to be this beautiful.

Wasn't sure how face paint would go over with our son, but he loved it. More importantly he left it alone and didn't smear it everywhere.

He kept looking in the mirror instead of at me which made it very hard to get the makeup on well.

This face is scarier than any costume could ever be.

Thanks mom!

creepy little girl isn't she?

The finished product

The ghoulish undead family ready to trick or treat!
We had a terrific time and got lots of compliments. People even tried to give us candy, but we declined and told them to save it for the next round of kids. The best part of living in a very small town is we know absolutely everyone, and the folks don't just give you a piece of candy, they give you treat bags or full sized candy bars. My kids rake in, now for the sugar high hang overs.
Happy Halloween to all!