Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Pool

Today we spent most of the morning and early afternoon working. First we gave all the dogs their heartworm and groomed them, which entails nail trims, brushing, trimming their tails, and a good physical exam to check for ear infections, dirty teeth, lumps etc. Then the goats got their hooves trimmed. Then we mowed the yard while the kids played squirt guns for 2 hours. Then our oldest dog Cami got a bath from me and my daughter, since she has to go to the vet tomorrow for her 6 month senior checkup. After all that it was time to relax a little. With the help of the solar cover the pool got up to 78 degrees today, so we hopped on in. Our first time in the pool this season. The kids had a ball. Last year our son was so close to touching the bottom, but still needed his life vest, so this year I had it ready, but I thought I'd try it without the vest first. He hopped in stood up on the bottom and took off swimming. I am so glad we don't need the vest, but a little sad cause he is growing so fast. Both our kids are excellent swimmers. We bought this pool as a fathers day gift for my husband when our daughter was 4 and our son was one and a half. Neither one could touch the bottom back then, so they have learned to propel themselves with out touching and now swim like fish. After our swim we took off to the local LaRosa's pizza to enjoy nice pizza. Then it was baths and off to bed. those kids were beat. They will sleep good tonight.

Friday, May 29, 2009

If You Can't Say Something Nice....

If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all is what my mom used to tell me as a kid. Very good advice, but hard to do. But if I open my mouth I may start a family fued, so for today I ain't saying nothin' at all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a workout

Watched the video's Phil Collen has posted on his website today. They include some really good guitar playing and singing. But what impressed me the most was the footage of his workouts. just quick little snipets of the many routines he does with his trainer. They look so hard. Just inspires me to train harder even though I never want to lift 70lbs with one arm.

Slowing up to go faster

After 2 and a half weeks of agony of being off my workout routine because of tendonitis in my left ankle I am starting back with my exercise. It has been so hard on me to take the time off and rest, but I didn't want to hurt myself worse and be out even longer so I tried to be a good girl. I started back today with a shortened routine. It felt so good to be back. Now I just have to remember to come back slowly which again is hard for me. Tendonitis is cause by over use so I need to take it slow. I am just so excited to be able to run a little bit again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ooey Gooey S'mores enough said

Memorial Day Fun 2009

Well we originally had plans to leave the kids with their grandma and get away to mammoth cave this weekend, but that didn't workout and we had to stay home. This is the first weekend my hubby has had off since the end of February. So instead we made plans to spend the weekend doing fun stuff as a family. We both worked on Saturday so on Sunday we had plans to go fishing, go to toys r us, grill out, camp out in the backyard, and have a campfire and smores. Next day we were going to the local parade and off to play tennis and ride bikes. Here are some fishing photos. We always fish at my husbands work, cause the fish bite good and we don't need a fishing license. Here are the kids checking out a tank of tadpoles at the hatchery.
Our son relaxed and fishing

Our daughter pondering the next catch.

It's a big one!

The fish was flipping around I love the look on my daughters face.

The prized cat fish. Dad caught several of this size, and our daughter caught one this size.

I stuck to the smaller sizes,

And so did my son.

We had a great time fishing. Then we headed off to toys r us so my daughter could use some gift cards she had. She got 2 DS games and my son got a Wii game. Then we stopped and got lunch. My son took one look at his fries and vomited all over the truck. He continued to vomit into the next day so we did not get to camp or do any of the fun things we had planned. But all was not lost. We set up the small kiddie tent in my daughters room. We gave her the DVD player and let her sit up very late. I made smores for her in the microwave, and even let her take the glow sticks we had bought for camping in the tent with her. She had a good time., and all in all so did we.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A weekend With Patricia McConnell

I have the book the other end of the leash and it is wonderful so I jumped at the chance to check out 3 DVD's from the library of Patricia speaking. Lassie come has some very insightful ways to get your dog to come to you reliably. It would not work in an obedience setting, but for the average pet owner it is wonderful, and much more fun for the dog that an obedience type recall.
The next two sets of DVD's were of conferences she has spoken at. I was disappointed because a few of the DVD's would not work or had scratches that made them skip, But I got the jist of everything. These sets are very long, one and two day conferences, but the info in them is brilliant. I had already heard a lot of the material, but I never tire of hearing about dog behavior, and it was a good review. I also heard some new things and things to ponder and think about. If one can get by the seminar setting it is wonderful, I don't mind it because I go to seminars a lot for my job. I find them fun and interesting. I told you guys I'm not normal. Anyway I highly recommend these DVD's they are extremely insightful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Abnormal Views Of The World

Yesterday I read an article on puppy mills and a rescue group trying its best to help those dogs. I was touched and am thankful for the movement to educated people and the efforts to try and stop these horrible places that mass manufacture dogs with no regard to their well being. Anyway this group also rescues other critters not just dogs. They went on to talk about rescuing a goose that was stuck at the edge of a waterway, whose mate was calling to it. They also mentioned a nearby fox that was eyeing the stuck bird. They rescued this bird. Most people think oh what a touching story and great thing they did for that bird. In my odd thinking little brain all I could think was good for the bird, but what did we just do. We just messed up mother natures natural balance to life. In reality the bird would probably been eaten by that fox. That evil fox how dare he eat that poor defenseless bird. But stop and think this is the way it is supposed to be. That is how mother nature designed it. Survival of the fittest. As I finished the story I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor hungry fox, who now had to expend more energy to find it's next meal, and who knows maybe it had pups back at the den who needed food. Because us humans stepped in to do what our hearts say is right save the poor little critter in need, we may have in fact caused more than one more life distress and hunger. Did we really help?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Newest Nubian

I stopped off at the house today to change my clothes and feed the animals before heading over to the ball field for my son's game. When I looked in my goat stall I found this super cute little girl nursing her mama. I think she is too cute. I love her color. She is a much darker brown than her mom. Not sure where the white spots came from, her dad is black. She has no name yet, but we'll keep you posted. I only got the chance to snap this one quick pick since I was already late for the game.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Baseball Pics

One and only time being catcher. nobody likes wearing all that gear.
Really could these baseball socks go up any higher, actually yes they did shrink some in the dryer. He is going to hate me some day for this photo.

The boys waiting for their turns to bat in the dugout at the Mt. Orab fields.

My son is on the end with the Easton bat.

Now he is waiting to go into the in field.

At least he looked at me this time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ankle Issues Part Two

Monday I spend my work day in an ankle brace and hopped up on advil. The brace kept the swelling down and I actually felt a little better. Tuesday I did very light work around the house in the morning, then ran the kids to the doctor and to baseball games. I didn't brace it cause I thought I'm not doing anything strenuous. I also didn't take any advil. I had some minor pain, but nothing major. Even thought I might try a light workout with the brace in the morning. Well the hill at the ball field made it hurt a little worse. I took a look at it around 9:30 tonight and it is swollen bigger than before. Guess I'm back to square one. Did I mention how much this sucks!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Ahead Just strap Me Down

I ran last week one day when I just didn't feel up to it, but I sucked it up and went on. Well it was a horrible run. My times were bad and I felt tired, I pushed through the 4 miles though to get it done. The after my next two work outs my ankle hurt a little but it was really just a twinge and I thought nothing of it. The Friday after standing at the specialty show for 8 hours it hurt worse, but got better with rest, still didn't think much of it. Saturday I again stood at the specialty for 4 hours then went to the grocery and then stood at my son's little league game for about an hour. Later that night my ankle felt strange sore when I flexed it but stiff the rest of the time. Upon closer inspection It was swollen. Oh no I thought what have I done. I knew it was more than just standing too long. I have all the symptoms of tendinitis. I am trying to use ice when I can. Not very good at that I must say. I am using the ibuprofen well. I am also supposed to rest it. Well I wasn't as active as I normally am today, but I was still up and about planting flowers and working on farm projects. I guess I am going to have to be more strict with it, but I am on my feet a lot at work and I have to go back tomorrow, and I have another ballgame after work. My husband is going to have to strap me down I think. Please pray for me that I will find the strength to stay quite. It is really hard for me. It is just not my personality to stay quiet for long.

Friday, May 8, 2009

32nd MVLRC Specialty Show

Today I was up bright and early at 5 am to head off to hamilton Ohio for the 32nd annual Miami Valley Labrador Retriever Club Specialty. This is a show for only labradors no other breeds allowed! Two days of nothing but labs, my little bit of mother's day heaven (this show is always held mothers day weekend). I have been a club member for 3 years and have worked the show the last three years. I work as a ring steward. That is like the judges assistant. I hand out arm band numbers to everyone call them in the ring and make sure the prizes are ready to go when the judge is. I also must keep records on which dogs are there and who wins. I always steward the sweeps ring. The sweeps ring is a show only for puppies 6 months to 15 months( the ages are divided into 3 month increments), and veterans, dogs 7 and over. Instead of competing for points the dogs compete for a ribbon and small cash prize. It is fun and hopefully you make back a little of your entry fee. Since I was working I didn't get any photos though. Bummer. But with over 200 labradors entered I am in sensory overload. I love looking at all the fine quality looking labs around. These dogs seem to only come out at shows. I never see dogs that look this good in my office or on the street. I only see them sparwled out in my yard. Such a shame these are the responsible breeders people should be buying from. I got to see some of the top dogs in the country today. Folks come from all over the country for this show. I was happy to see two stud dogs I had been looking at, they were very nice. But the highlight was the fact that I got to see this years Westminster winner. CH. Beechcroft Study's Top Secrect. Otherwise known as James. He was a gorgeous dog, but so were many others there today. I was privileged to be in the presence of such great dogs. Now I am home with my great dogs as Stryker lays here and pants on my feet as I write. I love my labradors!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Had one of the worst days yesterday and I am still feeling the after effects of it today. So I thought I'd put up a picture of one of my pretty spring flowers from my garden. Hoping it will make my day brighter. Sorry I'm not very wordy, this one is going to take some time unforunately.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Makes Me Happy?

Beautiful labradors playing in the sun!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Garden

The raised beds my husband planted back in early April are doing great. I actually harvested our first batch of spinach from it today. I picked a huge bowl for a spinach radish salad and you could hardly tell I had picked any. We have spinach everywhere. It's great. It tasted amazing too. Unfortunately you can't see the spinach in the photos, it's behind all the broccoli The big bed of broccoli, in my mind that is one veggie you can ever grow enough of.
We all love it,well except for our son, but what else is new.
Big bed of yukon gold potatoes. We grew these last year and they tasted so buttery you almost didn't need any butter on them. We had a couple plants that didn't sprout this year, bummer. But all in all I think we will have a good crop.

Look What My Hubby Let Me Get

After my sunday plans were shot from too much rain over night I retreated in the house this morning to make pancakes for my family. My husband appreciated them but the kids said we had those last Sunday. TOO BAD! So after breakfast I headed out to start my morning chores. Today was monthly heartworm and nail trim day for the dogs. After that I did the mountain of laundry we ate a small bite for lunch then decided to go shopping. We went to Dick's and bought a new tent to accommodate our long legged kids this summer. I can't wait to try it out. And bonus We bought a queen sized air mattress. Not more hard ground this year.
Hubby loves his fish and the tank is getting a little low on numbers so we went next door to Petsmart and I let him get what ever he wanted in the way of fish. He was so happy.
Then we headed to TSC to look at their baby ducks. Hubby let me come home with 6. The tub They were in was over crowded and they had been swimming in their water dish so the bedding was all wet. This made their tails stay wet and which caused them to be inflammed. But I still wanted them. So we picked out they best looking ones and boxed them up. I think once they are all dried out for a few days their tails will heal. Anyway they are home now and in dry bedding. They had ate and drank and are just too cute. I love them!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mini Labs and other colors

I had a call on my puppies, which by the way are all placed into great new loving homes now. Thanks to all my new puppy owners for making this litter seem so easy to place since everyone was so nice. Anyway back to the call. The lady asked if I had miniature labs. I had not heard of such a thing, but I figured somewhere someone was trying to do this so I googled it. Sure enough I found three types of so called mini labs. The first group of folks really have mixed breed dogs. since a labs genes are strong most things you mate them with will come out having a pretty good resemblance to a lab. So people are mating them to smaller dogs of different breeds. Not really labs people. The next group is taking labs from the low end of the height standard and breeding them to each other. Our standard calls for dogs to be 21 to 24 inches at the shoulders. By continuing to mate small dogs to each other you can reduce the over all size, but at what cost. It is never wise to breed for one genetic trait. You can get all sorts of bad traits show up. You should breed for the total dog health temperament looks etc. The last group of people are breeding dogs that have a genetic fault. Dwarfism is noted in our breed. Thankfully it is rare. It can be accompanied by all sorts of other health issues. But people are mating these genetically dwarf dogs to get smaller labs. This is a mutated gene and nothing good can come from reproducing it. So if you are looking for a smaller sized dog get a smaller dog not a mini lab. Cavalier king charles spaniels have a similar temperament to labs and only weigh in at about 18 lbs, so they are perfect for those wanting something a bit smaller. Please do not support these poor breeding practices by buying one of these so called mini labs.
Now back on my soap box about color. Labs come in three colors, Black, Yellow(ranging from cream to fox red), and chocolate(ranging from light to dark) Again those that breed solely for color are missing the boat by breeding for one trait only. Again white or cream labs and fox red are shades of yellow and are by no means rare, so don't fall for the rare color scam and pay more for a pup from someone who is out to exploit a certain color. And by all means a true white lab would be considered an albino and that is a genetic mutation that should never be bred for because again it comes with other heath issues. As for the so called silver and charcoal labs. They are being registered as blacks and chocolates by people through the registry clubs. People claim they are genes for diluted chocolate which makes the silver color or diluted black which make the charcoal color. Others argue that weimeraner crosses are use to get these colors. I have no proof as to who is telling the truth. I will tell you those colors are not recognized in our standard for the breed, and again folks are breeding for one specific trait to capitalize on money. these dogs usually go for well over $1000 dollars. I don't know about you but if I am spending that kind of money I want something that Is pure and right and bred with all aspects especially health in mind. The last thing I have to say about these dogs is I see two silvers at my practice and they do not resemble what a true lab should look like. Also they are very high strung, this could just be from lack of the owners ability to control the dog though. In fact that last time I saw one the owner pointed to a calendar on the wall of silver pups and said hey those look just like my dog. The label at the bottom identified the puppies as weimeraners.
Please folks do your home work and don't support these breeders who are in it for the money and not the betterment of the breed itself. By a nice quality puppy from a breeder who breeds for the whole package.