Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Week In Review

Let's start with last Sunday, It was my son's 6th birthday and he had a complete blast. I don't think I had ever seen him so excited before. He couldn't wait till guests arrived. He had a ball opening his presents and loved all his gifts. I think he actually played with every single one of them before the day was over. He wasn't much on the cake, he never really is. For some strange reason he doesn't really like cake. He totally didn't get that from me. Can't believe my baby is six. We put up our Christmas tree after the party which is our tradition to put it up on his birthday. Two days later it fell over dumping sticky tree water all over my floor, and breaking several ornaments.

Now on to Wednesday. I hung out all day with the kids since I had the day off work. I was supposed to be on my way to Louisville to watch Def Leppard play for the last time this year, but sadly they cancelled their tour and left me scrambling to find something for hubby for Christmas, since this was our gift to each other. I was dog sitting for a friend for the holiday so after she dropped off her doggies I loaded up the kids and we met hubby at his office, then headed down to the zoo's festival of Lights display. It was beautiful and we had a great time. However before I left I decided to dye my hair. I picked a dark brown since the light brown I used the last time faded back to blonde. I figured dark brown would fade to a medium brown more like my natural color. I was wrong it came out black and I looked like a vampire.

Thursday was good with a quiet Thanksgiving here at home with hubby and the kids. They redecorated the tree. I think the cold air the night before left me feeling a little under the weather though. The only excitement was my son decided to feed my pregnant dog a little Debbie chocolate brownie. Normally that's not enough chocolate to hurt a dog of her size, but since puppies were involved out came the peroxide. After two doses and no vomit for several hours I figured we were safe and took her to bed with us. At 2am she vomited on my carpet. Then again at six. We got smart and stuck her in the laundry room were she continued to vomit about 5 more times. Fun Fun.

On to Saturday I worked while hubby helped his mom pick up her new treadmill and then took off to the woods to hunt. After work I went to the salon to try to get my hair fixed. It is now dark brown. Much better than black, but still not the color I was looking for, but I'll take it. Came home and fixed dinner for the family and then tucked the kids in bed. I was finishing up the dishes when I heard the dog bark from her crate in the garage. She never barks so hubby when out to feed her and take her out. Too late she had peed and pooped in her crate. So not like her, but since we had been busy she hadn't been out in awhile, so he walked her and I fed her and cleaned up the mess. We left her crated and went back inside. She barked again. Ok something is up so we let her in despite the fact she and pee on her. I realized how gross she was and toweled her off, considered putting her in the tub, but decided tomorrow would be a better bath day. So i stuck her in the laundry room. She started scratching at the door. I let her out and discovered she had peep again. I asked hubby if it was just me or did her belly look lower. He agreed. I decided we must be starting labor. I quickly cleaned out the whelping box that hubby had just picked up today and stuck her in it. She promptly jumped in and vomited up her two cups of food. So back to cleaning up messes. Got everything squared away just as she started pushing. She pushed for a good 45 minutes which was starting to concern me since I don't let them strain for more than two hours and we live an hour away from the closest doggie ER. But then she popped out a cute Black puppy. From then on it was smooth sailing and we finished up around 2 am. This morning it is baths and mopping. Everyone is doing great. We have 2 black boys, 1 black girl, and 2 yellow boys. Happy they came early I was expecting them Tuesday or Wednesday and was dreading having to take her to work with me to watch her. Guess Chocolate and peroxide got them jazzed up and ready to come out. Happy Happy Happy. I'll try my best to get pictures up soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Failed Attempts

After I dyed my hair blonde I decided I didn't like it so I've been trying to go back brown. Last time I bought a light brown and it looked great at first but it lightened as weeks went on to a blonde-ish color again. So I bought a dark brown this time thinking it would probably lighten too. Well it looks nothing like the box. It came out darker than any of the photos on the box. In fact its almost black. I am way to old and way to pale to look goth let me tell you. I just finished crying to Chris on the phone. He tried to tell me it's not so bad after I emailed him a pic. I know better though. I hate it with a passion. I'm dreading stepping out of this house with it. My only hope is that it will lighten for now I look completely stupid! Guess that'll teach me to play chemist with my hair.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Clients

It's weird but sometimes impossible not to become attached to some of our clients. Not just the furry pets, but the people who love and care for them at the other end of the leash. There are many of my clients who I have a wonderful relationship with. Today I saw several in fact, but one holds a very special place in my heart. He is an elderly man who I didn't see much at first with his pets, his live in girlfriend always brought them in. She was a hoot, always had a very strong opinion about things, and wasn't afraid to voice it. She was terribly funny, and at the same time terribly sweet. She did loads of volunteer work, going to other countries to lend a helping hand. She was a nurse and had a passion for rescuing old racing greyhounds. She had four of her own and several cats. She also would make the most heavenly coconut macaroons and bring them into the office. She was special. Two years ago she died of lung cancer leaving her boyfriend to care for their many aging pets. He is sweet and kind and a very good friend of mine. Sometimes I think he just needs some one to talk to, so my check ins are usually a bit longer with him. We talk about all sorts of things like his brothers and sisters and places he's going, just chatting about everything. In the past two years he has lost his girlfriend, three of their greyhounds and one of their cats and his mother. He is such a strong man, and I don't know how he keeps a smile on his face, but he does. I have been there for the loss of each one and shared the stories of his girlfriend and mother with him. Today we helped his third dog over the rainbow bridge, I felt so sorry for him. He was upset and being a Saturday the front office was full of others as he checked out all teary eyed with our receptionist. In his state of grief most folks would pay and leave. But as he started out the door he turned and thanked me before he left. Thanked me for putting down his friend. What a wonderful soul. I'm glad he's my friend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I haven't been on here again lately, just unable to think of good things to write about I guess. I've been sick for the last 4 weeks with a waxing and waning cough. I feel crumby for a few days then just when I'm about to break down and go to the doctor I start felling a bit better. Right now I'm on one of the crumby days. Actually had to leave an exam room today cause I couldn't stop coughing. How embarrassing. The most god awful yellow goop is coming from my chest and nose. I really am disgusting. And with this I have a birthday party for my son to plan for Sunday. I have so many things I need to get done before the family descends on the homestead that it's not funny. Should probably be working on them now, but instead I'm parked in front of my trusty computer with a bowl of ice cream fighting the urge to crawl into bed for the night.
Also had some big changes at work recently. two years ago one of our three techs left leaving me and the other one working opposing part time shifts. It was perfect. I could be home with the kids some, get my work fix, and I had someone to fall back on when I needed a day off. Well she has now decided to move on too, leaving me the only tech. I have picked up another part day at work to help out with surgeries. I don't mind and am looking forward to the extra money. However I for see house work being more condensed and harder to get done. I also see any free time I had going by the way side. With both kids in school this year I was finally starting to carve out some me time to catch up on all the things I love, like reading etc. I also started a secret little project that now I'm hoping I can still finish. I also had my winter planned with painting renovations and things. Now I'm going to be hard pressed to fit those in. Such a double edged sword. If only we didn't need money to function in this world. I just count my blessing that I still have a job to go to, for business has been slow, and so many people are out of work.
Also recent strained family relations have led us to a very unconventional Thanksgiving celebration. It's going to be weird staying home this year. Maybe we can start some new traditions though that weren't ever possible before. So in a way I'm looking forward to a quiet intimate turkey day with hubby and the kids, even if venison is the star on the menu and not turkey. Bob and Tom, my pet turkeys will be glad to hear that.
I don't think I had a point tonight just rambling and procrastinating on my to do list. Hopefully I'll still be able to carve out time for everything I love. Until next time. Goodnight.