Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hairy Porch

It looks like a small mammal was eaten on my front porch. However I just brushed the dog. So glad all that hair won't be in my house now. I had a fit after vacuuming yesterday. I had to empty the canister way to often. So after swearing I was going to trade the labs in for non-shedding poodles., yes I actually got on line and researched the poodles. I decided that vacuuming wasn't so bad after all. Since I would have to compete with my dog the grooming on a poodle is long and laborious. So no thanks. I'll just brush.The tool of the trade the furminator. This is the grooming industries best tool for double coated high shedding breeds. It really strips out the dead hair. However be sure to use short light strokes to avoid brush burns. Now if only they could make it so it brushed the dog for you life would be perfect.Here is Cami all slick and brushed out. She really enjoyed all the grooming attention.


I now have a new twitter under the title labradorfarm. It is written from the dogs point of view. I just opened it and am not sure how much I like it yet, or if I'll have the time to maintain it, but if you twitter check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baking in the heat

The Hot Rods are having a bake sale to raise money for their end of season party. It is 90+ degrees outside and I have the oven on. I must be crazy. I have to work tomorrow and I have plans with my husband tomorrow night, and I work again on Saturday, so I have to bake now if it's going to get done. I started at 7AM and I just finished now at 3:30pm, with a few brief breaks of course. I have made cinnamon swirl muffins, cinnamon and sugar monkey bread, and 2 loaves of homemade bread. I am undecided if I am going to make caramel chocolate nachos or not. I'm running out of steam and there are other things I need to get done. Seemed like most people were bringing the old standby of chocolate chip cookies and brownies, which are great don't get me wrong, but I wanted to bring something a little different and a little more creative, to hopefully make some money for the boys to have fun on. So here is a pic of the goods.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day At The Zoo

Big Elephant

Baby giraffe

Zoo Keeper feeding the giraffe

A very stressed out owl

I'm supposed to be sleeping this time of day he says.

Riding the merry go round, did I mention this ride makes dad puke.

My little monkey

Happy Father's Day

It's way to hot to be sitting on metal bleachers in the sun watching cheetas run.

Yet when you ask him my son says this was his favorite part, can't tell it from this pitiful expression.

Petting the tortise

The highlight of Dad's Day

My husband made a comment about the endowment of this poor lady.

I couldn't help but remind him this was vine street and it is well noted for it's after dark activities.

At this remark he burst out laughing and said I'll get a pic you must blog this.

Jumping kitty. Look how high he can go.

Cheeta run. It's hard to keep up with a video camera.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today Def Leppard kicked off their 2009 tour in Camden NJ. Some lucky people are watching them as we speak. Can't wait till it's my turn. Only 21 more days to go!!!!

A Brief But Busy Break

Hi All! Haven't been on here in about a week, things have been soooooo busy. There is always work being done around here. Last week we prepared the rabbits and ducks for the processor. What a job. And then the usual farm chores, ball games etc. We had a great anniversary here at home with a nice home cooked dinner and candy bar and pop snack all while watching our favorite band perform on CMT video awards. Friday after work I took my hubby on a surprise shopping trip to get a new TV for our bedroom, as his father's day present. I must admit I love it too. Sunday we spent at the Zoo with our son as our daughter was off shopping with other family members. After the zoo we went swimming, I was exhausted., but spent the evening packing for our camping trip. Monday Hubby met me at my office after work with the kids. We rode down to Jone's Fish Hatchery and fished and then camped for the night while dad worked. Then in the morning we got up and went to a nearby park and walked and played on the playground. Then it was off to take the kids to the dentist. Not a good visit mind you. Our daughter has great strong teeth, but the enamel didn't form properly on my son's teeth so here we go with round two of cavities. 5 in all, YUCK! Dentist said this is going to be a life long issue for him, but did give us a couple pointers on how to manage it and hopefully reduce the issues somewhat. Now we are home and hubby is off to bed since he's had about 4 hours sleep in the last 2 days I guess I'll let it slide,lol. Anyway I am blogging before I get started on the camping laundry and farm chores and lawn mowing. The work never seems to end around here, and it piles up fast when you stop to play, but it is well worth it. I hope to have a little time to post some of the great photos we took over the weekend soon, But I have ballgames and bake sales to prepare for too this week. Well better get back to work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fourteen Years And Counting

Fourteen years that is how long it's been since I tied the knot with my hubby. We met right after my 16th birthday. Actually I had known him and had my eye on him since I was 13, we went to the same church, but he payed me no bother till I developed boobs. Guess that's just the way life goes. Anyway he was going to college about 2 1/2 hours away so after our first date he had to hurry off to school. I really liked him, but figured I wouldn't be hearing from him again. I was so surprised when he showed up on my doorstep two weekends later unannounced asking if I wanted to go to a movie. I had just got out of the shower and was in my pajamas and looked a fright. I was sooooo embarrassed. But I quickly threw it together and the rest was history. He continued to come up about every two weeks to see me for the next year. Mom even took me down to see him at school a few times. Our phone bills were crazy high since we talked every night. After school was out for the summer we were together all the time. I am sure my mom got sick of having him around all the time. Our favorite date was to rent movies and snuggle on my couch. By fall he was working at a local sporting goods store waiting for me to finish my last year of high school. We got engaged in September it was a story book proposal in the middle of a shopping mall with everyone clapping when I said yes. As senior year drew to a close I was so busy with graduation, college plans, wedding plans, and finding us an apartment. I got married 2 weeks after graduation. I was 1 month away from turning 18 so my mom still had to sign for me. We moved 2 1/2 hours away to Richmond Kentucky as I started undergrad and he started grad school. Everyone thought we were crazy. You could tell when you told people and they smiled at you that they were thinking sure this is going to last, she's only 18. Even family was skeptical. Well hah! Showed them! Of course we've had our ups and downs, what marriage hasn't. But we love each other and always work through it. As mad as I may get sometimes I can't imagine him not being there. We are lucky and really don't have too many disagreements and the ones we do have are usually over really stupid things like who got who the best anniversary present. I realized today that if you count the time we dated I was 16 when I met him and I have been with him for the last 16 years weird to think I've been with him half my life. So here is to 14 years and many many more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Krohn Conservatory Butterflies

A Day Out With Mom

Promised my daughter that for her hard work and good grades that she earned in the last 9 weeks of school we would go see the new Hannah Montana Movie, no boys allowed. So yesterday was the day. Little brother stayed with grandma for a nap before his ballgame and daddy was off to bed as well. So we set off for the 1pm show.
all decked out

It really wasn't busy. We had a big bag of popcorn and reese's pieces. We even brought some home for dad.

Movie was good and my daughter had a great time. Here she is on the car ride home. She was excited to get to sit in the front seat again, and we listened to her Hannah Montana CD in the car.
It was a great day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip To Krohn Conservatory 2009

Sunday Morning we packed up and headed off to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. I hadn't been there since I was a little girl and My husband doesn't remember ever going. They were having their India Butterfly Exhibit. Since both our kids LOVE butterflies we thought this would be a great day trip.
The really rare butterflies were housed behind a mesh exhibit.

Our daughter took her camera. She got some great pics too.

Smiles all around when a butterfly lands on you.

This is the face made when the butterfly decides to fly away.

Kids with dad.

Never so happy.

Relaxing in the butterfly chair.

Kids and mom.

Half away through we when up to part of Eden park and had lunch. I packed our lunch, so we had a very nice picnic on one of the tables. Then we when over and enjoyed the view of the Ohio river.

After lunch we when back in to see the parts we had missed. By now it was getting hot in there and it was much more crowded. As you can tell the kids thought the desert room was too hot and they were tired too. Even though this room was warm hubby and I thought it was very cool.